About us

 Barriault Family

Our family moved from the craziness of the city for many reasons. We had lived up north, but found that we were travelling the highway to Edmonton far too often. At the time, we never imagined that we'd be raising chickens and goats with our kids. What an amazing adventure it has been already! It's true what they say, Chickens really are the "Gateway" animal....We've got 7 Dexter cows now (can't wait for new babies) & we've just got 3 little kune kune piglets. We decided that we should share these wonderful gifts that our animals share with us & Barriault Ranch was born! 

As a stay at home Mom, trying to get back to simple, traditional ways of living, I started talking to people & researching how to make everyday items for ourselves. My goal was to be as natural as possible in hopes to provide a better quality of life for our disabled son. Of course, for the rest of us as well. :-)  It's certainly been a learning experience. Now we'd like to provide the same, all natural products that we are using at home, to our friends, family & community.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do!

Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions

(780) 698-3774

or email us at barriaultranch@gmail.com


Corissa & Shane Barriault