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Dead sea mud lotion

The dead sea mud lotion is wonderful. My wrinkles have lessened and my husband even said, "you do look really good "

Debra G.

Awesome Candle!

We love our hummingbird candles. They are beautiful and excellent quality. The service and attentiveness from Barriault was also wonderful. I highly recommend and will probably order more.

Jacklene L.

Awesome Stuff

I've been introducing an increasing amount of granules per day, starting with one to ensure no adverse reactions. 
It's been wonderful, a delightful earthy subtle flavor as I place it under my tongue for quick absorption into my happy bloodstream. =D 
Thanks for a quality product!  - Bee Pollen

Meagan M.

The goats milk lotion is wonderful. The lotion is so moisturizing. The best I've used out of a lot of expensive products my skin is red and patchy dry. My favorite is the raspberry lotion. Most products eventually dry out my skin after a couple of days. And this lotion I can apply after my shower and I'm good for a couple days! Thanks Cori! Your products are great!

Liz S.

1lb Block Bees Wax

I finally had the opportunity to use the beeswax, it smells amazing. Fragrance is important but more importantly is the wax was free of any sediment, so it melted perfectly into my solution....I will definetly purchase more.

Linda G.

MJ's muscle rub

Oi my muscles :( to Oh my muscles :)

Took a little bit to convince my husband to try a new brand of muscle rub as he has been using Voltaren for some time now. Once he tried it, it seems that this rub is his go to. I am believing that his preference to it, is in light of the Natural Ingredients. We are never to sure of what we are ingesting though out mouths and on our skin when we do not understand the ingredients.

Teresa M

Plantain Salve

Works great!

Have used this for minor cuts and burns! This salve soothes and lessens the healing time. Would highly recommend!


Natural Deodorant

Works great!

Didn’t get no body odour smells throughout the day even when sweating. It works great 

Christina M.

I am noticing a difference in my skin

I have been using this product for some time now and am pleased to report that I do notice a difference in the overall appearance of my skin. I am very happy with this product, it is a fantastic price, natural and love that it is made in Alberta Canada.

Teresa M.